Monday, October 14, 2013

Rehab: Day 6: Our Final Full Day

Today was our final full day in rehab. Another day of the same. Therapists. Jon excelling. Me falling in love with him more and more. These days have been precious.
Here's a glimpse.... 

Stretching has become a new component of Jon's rehab. During the 11 hour surgery, Jon developed pressure sores - swelling and blisters all down the left side of his body. It has been very painful for Jon and he is just now finally getting to the place of being able to stretch that side. (As if he didn't have enough pain and healing to do at the surgery site/his head! Poor guy...)  

Jon also has built up his strength and stamina on this thing! Oh, and his "Year of Adventure" shirt is a perfect addition to his "t-shirt blog" line up, don't you think? :) 

This fun band will be coming home with us. Oh wait, he mastered this one. ;) The grey one (hardest one) is what he was graduated to. (Can you tell I delight in bragging on him??) ;)

Next came a visit from the babies... Even though therapy wipes daddy out, as long as Morgan can sit in his arms, she's content. (Ok, and an iPhone doesn't hurt either) ;) 

This one, however, wants Jon awake and playing with her! :) 

One bummer thing was that Jon got a severe headache tonight. So severe, that no meds could ease the pain. So off he went to another CT Scan... :( (you can tell I was more worried than he was) ;) 
Praise God, the CT Scan came back clear! Yay!!! Now to figure out how to help his pain... Praying for good rest tonight for him.

But before I could tuck him in, the nurse had one last thing she needed to do...take the staples out!!!! 
Jon was so brave and the nurse even collected the staples (19 total!) in a container for Jon to take home as his prize! ;) 

I said it earlier and after re-capping, I still agree: It was another precious day. 

Friends, God has been with us every step of our journey and as we head to bed for the 14th night in a row here, I can't help but be grateful. Grateful for God's provisions, His protection, His Church, His people, His goodness, His faithfulness, His peace. We are so undeserving and yet He gives and loves lavishly. What a privilege to have had the past 2 weeks to truly taste and see God's goodness. 

Only a gracious God would allow us to experience the goodness of Himself and have that be our lasting impression of our time here. Right?? It doesn't make sense and yet it just is. 

I don't know where you are or what you're experiencing, but I do know without any doubt... that God loves you. And He holds your [insert biggest fear/struggle/pain] in the palm of His hand. And as you surrender your life to Him, He will do for you what He's done for Jon and me. Peace beyond your understanding. Joy in the midst of pain. Goodness in suffering. It seems so far fetched, so impossible, I know. Yet it's something you or I don't have to be able to understand or wrap our minds around. We just have to believe. Surrender. And receive. 

I pray you go to bed tonight knowing that God has you. He has us. And being His is the best place to be.
Goodnight, friends. Sleep in peace. 


  1. Your words are so encouraging. Praying for continued healing and peace, especially as you go home (and recovery gets that much more real as we all know from having babies and then going home to the every day!)

    P.S. Last night at the Campus Connection Reunion, Julie recalled how we all got in trouble for skipping church and eating candy from Bonfaire up in your apartment! HA! Fun-NY memories. :)

    1. OK that is HILARIOUS. I totally remember that!! I also remember getting caught walking on the church roof (again, got access from the apartment!) while skipping Sunday School. LOL! I had to give my Sunday School teacher chocolate covered cherries and an apology letter. SO funny!!! Oh, middle school... Those were good times... :)

  2. Deanna your perspective is so encouraging and inspiring. There are so many who in this situation would not have the opportunity to feel as loved and supported as you have been just because circumstances and dynamics may be different BUT I am so grateful that you always speak from a heart that is grateful, humbled and not taking anything or anyone for granted. Each day, no matter what that day has held you have pointed back to Jesus and reminded us of His nature. Thank you for sharing your incredible faith and most of all using this situation to bring glory to our amazing God!!

  3. Inspiring, encouraging, motivating, your God given words and Jon's determination just warm my heart and and fill me with joy and passion for life.

  4. We met your family at Church on the Hill is San Jose many years ago. They easily found a special place in our hearts. I just read your posts and praise God for the good work He is doing in and through your family! You have humbly trusted God in a very difficult situation and God has received the glory!!! We raised a special needs son for 21 years until Jesus called Eric home. We also chose to" live out loud" and we were so blessed and encouraged by the family of believers in the process. I will be praying for your family. Becky Risser <3

  5. Deanna, Please let Jon know that we are praying for him, and so glad that he is doing well. Thanks for sharing the update and your courage.

  6. Deanna and Jon, so happy to know you are all going to be together at home with your children once again! Been praying for your healing Jon and your strength Deanna! You are both and inspiration and have been sharing your progress with my family and friends. God Bless you and keep letting us know how you are doing. Today would have been our 53rd anniversay, but my wonderful husband went home to be with our Lord four and a half years ago..May you have many more happy years together with your family..Thanks again for sharing..