Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Jon (and I) Recorded a New Worship CD!!!!

Several months ago, we found out Jon's brain tumor was growing again.  While we were getting 2nd and 3rd opinions on treatment options and radiation, another MRI a few months later revealed it had stopped growing.  The doctor was baffled by this.  Tumors don't just stop growing!  We told him SO many people were praying.  He said, "Well, there's that, I guess.  I mean, we'll probably never know."  :)

Well in the midst of all of that, I began having conversations with a few talented friends of ours.  And we decided to surprise Jon with a way to raise funds to help with his medical expenses, as well as document his spiritual journey over this past year through worship.  We sat Jon down and told him there was a group of talented friends who were going to volunteer their time and talent to help Jon (and I) record a worship CD.  Jon's only responsibility would be to pick the songs and show up to sing.  So over the past few months, we have been in the process of making this CD.

I have to tell you, it was INCREDIBLE to watch Jon create the worship experience for this CD.  I call it a "worship experience" because that was his #1 desire.  That you would be able to throw this CD in, and find hope and healing.  Jon wanted to record the CD exactly how he worships when he's alone and it's just him and God.  Songs are melded together, there is space to sit and listen...  There are 17 different songs or parts of songs on the CD - but only 7 actual different tracks.   Because it's not about a bunch of individual songs.  It's about going on a worship journey.

Jon also was adamant about having a choir on the CD - a group of voices singing with us at certain places throughout the project.  One of the biggest blessings and most beautiful parts of our journey this past year was the community that surrounded us.  Jon wanted to make sure "Community" was represented on the CD.  The best musical expression of that, that he could imagine, was a choir.  And man, every time I listen to the CD and I hear that group come in, I get tears in my eyes.  It represents The Body that so extravagantly loved on us and pleaded with God on our behalf.  Wow.

Well all that to say..... THE CD IS DONE!!!!  "Let Faith Arise" is the title of the new worship CD - a CD filled with songs of hope and healing - the prayers we sang as we grieved and celebrated, grieved and celebrated, over this past year.  (10,000 Reasons, Love Came Down, Oceans, Give Me Jesus, Never Let Go, etc.. to name a few)

One of my favorite parts of the CD are the moments you can hear the raw emotion in Jon's voice, as he fought back tears while recording/worshiping.  It. Is. Beautiful.  And to know that he recorded it - deaf in one ear and struggling to pronounce words properly while fighting the paralysis on the right side of his face...  I'm telling you.  It. Is. Beautiful.

There is a link on the Right side of this blog that will let you purchase this new CD.  (it's under our pic, under my email address, and links to PayPal)  We are selling the CD for $10 and if you need it shipped, it's $13.50 - to cover shipping and packaging.  The link will allow you to pay via PayPal.  If you don't have a PayPal account, you can still make a payment through the link or you can just email and we'll get you the info on sending a check via snail mail.  :)  Also, if you are ordering 3 or more CDs, send us an email and we'll let you know the accurate shipping amount, since PayPal does't give you that option.  (we're working on fixing that)

Thank you SO much for journeying with us this past year.  Jon's next MRI is in about 3 weeks, so we will keep you posted on those results.  Praying and trusting God for continued healing and NO tumor growth....

Love you all.....