Monday, May 9, 2016

Twas the Day After Mother's Day...


Twas the day after Mother’s Day
And all through the house
Every room was a disaster and I had a poo stain on my blouse.

The kids were all crying and fighting like crazy
While yesterday’s amazing memories
Became faded and hazy.   

The day before had been loving and sweet
Breakfast in bed, homemade cards
It was a mini retreat.  

I had relaxed and slept in a whole extra hour,
And even shaved my legs 
In a long, steamy shower.  

I was told “Mom, I love you!  
You’re really the best”
About 1 million times until I laid my head to rest.

Then sometime between “good night” and “good morning” 
All bets were off - 
Without any type of warning.

I woke to whining, crying
And spills on the floor
And in my 30 second shower, there were 17 knocks on my door. 

Kid 1 and Kid 2
Bickered and fought throughout the day
While Kid 3 and Kid 4 chose not to obey

Our trip to Target
Was one for the books
Spilled slushees, smashed fingers, and lots of strangers giving “looks.”

But nothing compared 
To our dinner at CPK
“I can smell your butt from here!” is what my 3 year old chose to loudly say.

Did I mention my husband 
Is out of town until late?
He *might* be coming home to a wife in an “unhealthy state.” 

But the kids now are in bed
So no need to freak out
I just needed to keep it real with a good vent and a pout. 

I treasure the memories
Of yesterday’s glory

And hold on to the promise of 364 days until another “perfect day” story.  


Friday, May 6, 2016

The One Thing EVERY Mom Wants on Mother's Day.. And it's Not What You Think...

"Give her the day off."
"Do something active together."
"Send her to the spa."
"Don't send her to the spa, it's too crowded on Mother's Day at the spa."

The messages are loud and clear.  No, I take that back. The messages are loud and seriously confusing.  Every article says something different.  Every blog has a different formula.  Just yesterday, I read a Facebook post that said, "Men, don't let your wife get off of the couch on Mother's Day."  And directly underneath it was another Facebook post that said, "I find it seriously insulting that people think Mother's Day is about doing nothing.  I want to go on a rigorous hike with my kids on Mother's Day."  It's no wonder men approach this day with fear and trembling.  They don't know how to "win."  They want to win.  They do.  But every idea seems as good as the next and at the same time, as horrible as the next.  Cooking your wife a home cooked meal could be a huge win.  Or she could be ticked off that now there's a mess in the kitchen.  Having the kids serve her breakfast in bed could really win her heart.  Or it could make her seriously frustrated that she didn't get to sleep in longer.

Men, do you want to know what every wife wants on Mother's Day?  I'm serious.  I know I just disputed the idea that every wife wants the same thing, because clearly that's not true.  But this?  This is what we all want.

To be known.

That's it.  It's that simple.  Know her.  Like, really know her.  Be a student of your wife.  Know that your wife really wants to run a family 5K on Mother's Day.  Or that she wants to sleep until 11.  Know that she actually hates that big, fancy brunch and she'd rather eat a breakfast burrito from a yummy hole-in-the-wall joint.   Not every mom wants the same thing.  So know YOUR wife and love her how SHE desires to be loved.

And if you still don't know or can't figure it out?


Seriously.  Just ask.  Not in a, "Hey, so it's almost Mother's Day and I was wondering what you had planned?" kind of way.  But in a, "Hey babe, Mother's Day is almost here and I want that day to be a celebration of who you are.  I want you to feel loved and cared for.  How can the kids and I honor you best on that day?"  Ask it with love and with genuine interest.  I know it's only 2 days away.  The lie you may believe is that it's too late.  It's not.

Now moms, this is where our role comes in.  If your husband asks you what you desire to do on Mother's Day, be gracious.  Take it as a sign that he cares.  Closing the gap between expectations and reality is a daunting journey.  If your husband is willing to make the effort to close that gap, then receive it as an act of love.  Don't belittle him for not knowing.  Your relationship is a journey and whether he has you figured out already or he is intentionally continuing to seek you out, it's beautiful.   It's all beautiful.

And in just 6 short weeks, us moms get the opportunity to return the favor on Father's Day.  So be gracious.  And thankful.  Seek to know and be known.  And if it all falls flat?  Choose grace.  :)