Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Homecoming Day!

This morning I saw a hunky hitch-hiker standing outside of the hospital.

 I couldn't resist myself. I pulled over and just had to pick him up!
What a sweet ride home together... Reminiscing about our drive TO the hospital 14 days earlier. Little did we know we wouldn't be coming home that night... It has been a whirlwind of an October so far! But pulling into our driveway was a sweet milestone. 

Need I say more??

There is nothing better than pulling into home with this as your welcome! Daddy is home! Our pumpkin patch was in full bloom, balloons had been delivered from different people, a huge card was written on by all our neighbors... It was a homecoming we will never forget! 

Of course Jon had his priorities in place in what he wanted to do now that he was out of jail. First stop? The pharmacy to fill his "drugs." ;) You'd think Jon would want me to run and grab those. Nope! He wanted to go in to see and talk to our pharmacist because, quite frankly, we love our pharmacist! :) 
I teased Jon about where he chose to sit down - at the blood pressure machine. He has had his vitals checked every hour (or so) for 2 weeks. I asked him if we should check them one last time. He wasn't amused. ;) 

Next item on his "to do" list? Pick the kids up from school! Yes, you read that right. My hubby is crazy. Specifically, crazy about his kids. ;) He has felt so bad that he's been gone for so long, he wanted to be right there when they got out of school. Only Jon... :)

After all that excitement, a nap was in order. Well, not before loving on these 2...

Jon is supposed to be on a 90 minute cycle of activity (therapy or walk), snack, sleep. It's funny, at one point today I told Taylor, "Daddy has been napping, so he'll now be ready for some good awake time!" I had to laugh because it sounded like I was talking about one of the babies!  I'm juggling yet another nap schedule in our home. Hilarious! :)

I didn't end up taking any more photos because, well, I was just soaking it all in. But trust me, today was good. Very good. And now we head to our own bed! Cannot wait! 

As I was writing this and reminiscing on being back together as a family, I went to retrieve a pic to post on here, and I discovered these gems that Jackson apparently put on my phone this afternoon. LOL!

Just a sweet reminder of how good it is to be back home. :)


  1. So awesome!! Enjoy your wonderful family in one place and sleep well tonight. God has blessed you. xoxo

  2. Hi Deanna - I've been sucked into your blog for the last quarter hour catching up on your life. A friend of mine 'liked' a post of yours on FB so I got roped in.... we have a handful of random FB friends in common, not sure where the connection is. But just wanted to tell you I'm another stranger praying for your family through this time. Asking the Lord for full healing and health for Jon and of course for you as you raise your Littles. (I have 3: 5½yo, 4yo and 1½yo boys... I know the craziness kids bring!). So glad you are all together again tonight. :)

  3. ...couldn't be happier..love you ♥

  4. Thanks for this peek into your lives, Deanna. Like Jan, we don't know each other well (a few here & there's a CABC and Grace Church--and your amazing dad performed my mom's memorial service at Skyline in March) anyway, it's very generous to give us a taste of how things are on the home front. It's physical proof of what prayer can do. You're walking the walk, girl, and demonstrating what it means to live your life to the fullest. Big hugs to you and your family. (Oh, and lopsided grins are the new black--be sure Jon knows that)

  5. So much in such a short amount of time.. what a difference a day makes.... i know we aren't in close contact with you all but you still tug on my heart strings with all this.. from the Lakewood family.. you are such dear dear servants of our Lord.. came through for us to make my daughters wedding that much more beautiful with your singing.. and of course us Smalleys have a thing for RED HEADS.... with all that said.. WELCOME BACK HOME.. Home where your loved ones are waiting silently for you... you'll be great.. do great and wow.. God has such a way of giving us test..imonies to share.. doesn't he?... our Love and prayers continue everyday for all of you.

  6. Welcome home Jon! We have shared your story with so many people. The amount of Shalom you have is amazing. Kenton read parts of this blog to the Saturday night service and was in tears. So emotional and so good!