Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Morgan is in the hospital...

On Monday afternoon, Morgan (our newly 3 year old) was admitted to the hospital after having a severe cough and low oxygen levels.  Her oxygen levels are still very low and she is not yet improving.  We met with the Doctor today and I posted this on Facebook:  (thought I'd update the blog followers as well)  

Update: We met with the doctor. Here's the bottom line: Morgan has a virus. Most likely a more rare virus that doesn't present itself in the panel of virus tests they usually run. I have had a gazillion people text me and message me and email me and post on here asking about the Enterovirus. I figure I should just address that. Is it possible that Morgan has Enterovirus? Yes. Could she have another type? Yes. They are not going to do a specific test for the Enterovirus (or any other specific virus) at this point because it does not effect how they treat her. A virus is not bacterial, so there is no medication or antibiotics that can help. All they can do is what they are currently doing... Oxygen and breathing treatments to help clear the lungs + time. Her body needs time to fight. If they gave her different tests and were able to give the virus a name, it would change nothing as far as the course of action to take. (It would only elevate Jon and my stress level.)  So the reality is, we wait. We wait and see. By the grace of God, each one of us reading this are taking a breath. Morgan is no different. By God's grace. Am I struggling right now with the feeling of helplessness? Yes. I want answers and I want to know how to help my baby. But there is nothing I can do. Except the most powerful thing offered to any one of us - prayer. So I pray. And I ask you to pray. And I wait expectedly for God to strengthen and heal.


  1. I'm sad and praying for you all. If my family can help in any way... Meals, groceries... Please let me know!

  2. Lifting your little Morgan up in prayer. Asking Jesus for a miraculous healing and to give you and Jon peace during this trying time. Great to see you at Hume!

  3. Started praying yesterday as soon as I saw your email Deanna ~ also asked others that enjoyed you and Jon at Hume Lake for the couple's conference, as well as our Thursday night Life Group from church. We are praying and asking the Lord for protection and healing for your little Morgan. May God give wisdom to the doctors and continued peace to your heart.