Thursday, April 10, 2014

Our Day at USC.....

Hello Friends and Prayer Partners.

I am SO sorry for the late night update.  We have been processing...

We met with Dr. Giannatta at USC today.  Dr. Giannatta is a world renowned neurosurgeon and we were thrilled be seen by him.  He is quite strong and opinionated and "confident" ;) .... and rightly so.  He's supposed to be "the best."

Anyway, THANK YOU for praying.  It was an honor to get his expertise and opinion on everything.

Here is what he thinks:

His opinion is that we can wait a bit on doing Radiation.  He said the tumor is not pushing on the brain yet, so it's not at the dangerous size yet or causing damage.  Since we are hoping Jon's facial nerve will restore, he thinks it's best not to do Radiation there, while we give it time to heal.  (the tumor is wrapped around his facial nerve)  He said even if the tumor grows a bit more, that's OK for now.  If it reaches a size where it's pushing on the brain again, then we'll start Radiation or do a 2nd surgery.  It's a very conservative approach, which we appreciate.  It's of course also a little scary and confusing though, when our first neurosurgeon believes Jon should start radiation immediately.  Don't you wish science was more black and white?  :)

He also recommended Jon cancel his May 8th eye surgery. (The one where Jon was going to have his eye stitched partly closed)  He recommended going to this world renowned specialist in LA who can do a different and better surgery.  Of course this surgeon isn't covered by our insurance, but as Dr. Giannatta said to us in our appointment, "You screwed yourselves over when you signed up for an HMO, so here we are.  You're paying cash to see me.  And you'll pay cash to see him."  (Did I mention he's quite strong, opinionated and "confident"?) ;)

We were able to ask a ton of questions and get his insights on a lot of different things.  We are so grateful for that.
We end our day today feeling thankful, tired, and maybe a tad confused.

We have decided our next course of action will be to seek another 2nd (and hopefully last) opinion.  Since each doctor had such a different course of action, the weight of just choosing one and 'hoping' it is the right one is just too great.  We had been encouraged to get 2 or 3 opinions before taking action and we feel like that is the wise thing to do.

We also feel really good about canceling the May 8th surgery.  Jon's eye has been a huge source of pain and I feel like we shouldn't settle for anything but the best when it comes to that issue.  I think we will call the Dr he recommended for a consult.

Please continue to pray for us as we seek out more counsel.
Thank you for walking each portion of this journey alongside us.  Each leg of this journey has been so tiring, yet you all have not wavered in your passion to pray, serve, and love us.  Thank you so very much.

And now, after an emotionally draining day, I can literally hear my pillow calling me.  ;)
Goodnight, dear friends.  


  1. So happy you got to see this Dr. and all his info..pray you will see the next one too! Prayers Prayers and Prayers!

  2. You are so precious and have such a beautiful family. I can picture how draining this must all be to have so many difficult decisions to make. We know not why you were chosen to experience this but we do know there is only one word that describes God,He is LOVE and that is ALL. Love, Gracie Lee

  3. Bless your heart, Deanna. You're doing such a bang-up job of keeping everybody in the loop and your family going.
    It's an honor to pray for you guys, and watching you walk-the-walk is nothing short of miraculous.

    Keep fighting, sister!! God's got big plans for all of you. BIG ONES!

  4. You are truly being "Held." <3 Still singing!

  5. I am praying for Jon and your family, Deanna. I met you at a "Celebration of Joy" women's luncheon and was so blessed by the duet you and Jon sang. I am praying for guidance and wisdom in the decisions you have to make. Also, that God will completely heal Jon from this tumor. I will continue to pray for your mother as well. Keep your faith!!! Ann