Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Praying for a Miracle This Week...

Jon posted this on Facebook yesterday.
Would you join us in praying for a miracle this week?

Hello friends, I have a prayer request...
Today marks the beginning of a big week for me. One week from today, after 4 months of recovery, I will be starting back at work on a part-time basis. My hope and prayer from back in October was that I would be fully recovered/healed before I went back to work. But as of today that just isn't the case. I still continue to have pain in my right eye and have facial paralysis on the right side of my face. I also am permanently deaf in my right ear. I'm so grateful for the excellent care I've received over the past months from my healthcare professionals, many of whom are now new and lifelong friends. They have taken me so far down the road of healing...But I believe in a big and powerful God and so over the next week I'll be spending time in prayer and fasting for a full and complete healing. You all have been such a huge and incredible blessing over these past months. I will never be able to adequately express my gratitude to you for your prayers, encouragement and generosity as you've followed along so closely with my journey thru Deanna's blog. You have changed my life! So, if I could be so bold, would you please join me in prayer for a miracle this week? For the specific items I mentioned above? Even for the hearing loss that is "permanent." I know God is able. I'm sure there are many people and situations in your life that need prayer as well and I commit to pray for all of you over this next week who like or comment here. I am more aware today of the truth that we are in this life together for a reason and I would count it a priveledge to come before our Creator in prayer for you as you do for me. Lets just see what He can and will do in a week as we surrender our cares to Him. Praying for the miraculous...


  1. I'm honored to join with you all in prayer over this, expecting His blessings over this need as a result. Please keep us posted. And although I don't personanally know you, I do your folks through Skyline. Also, I received my Forest Home upcoming conference booklet last weekend, and your names were all over that thing, as featured speakers/singers. I think God wants to be thinking of and praying for you. Hugs.....Melanie Marshall, La Mesa, CA

  2. Jon, I'm all in. I will be praying for you. You have been such a blessing to me. We've been following your and Deanna's situation, and you have been in our thoughts many times. Thanks for keeping us posted.
    Gary and Sonya Conklin