Monday, January 12, 2015

MRI Results!!!

Friends, THANK YOU for praying....  

Today's appointment with the neurosurgeon revealed that Jon's brain tumor shows NO NEW GROWTH!!!   Praise God!!!!   

The tumor is a little under 1cm, which is still a safe size to not have to operate on or do radiation at this point.  We are THRILLED.  (you can see below... the tumor is on the left side, middle of the screen - the white part.)  

The Doctor then spent time with us, working on a plan for Jon's pain management.  Jon continues to be in extreme eye pain at times and we still haven't found a way to lessen that.  (Well, the neurosurgeon did say that he has had several patients say the ONLY thing that has helped with facial pain is medical marijuana.  But we won't discuss that here.)  ;)

Anyway, THANK YOU for praying.  THANK YOU for pleading.  
God is GOOD.  

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