Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Big MRI Results.....

First, let me thank you for your 'grace' on my last post.  I typically have time to re-read posts before I hit "publish."  I usually have time to process and think etc... Today, I had a short window of time coupled with a myriad of emotions.  Probably not the best combo.  ;)  But you were kind and gracious and let me express my "half baked" thoughts.  Thank you.  :)

Well, to quote my Facebook status update: "Today the miraculous DID happen!  Jon's tumor did NOT grow!!! NO radiation! (for now at least)  Next MRI is in 6 months!!!"

I honestly still can't believe it.  I'm still trying to exhale.  Here's how it went down:

Our neurosurgeon called us out of the regular "doctor/examination room" and walked us into his personal office.  He sat down at his desk and we sat down across from him.  He angled his computer screen so that we could see it and proceeded to tell us he had very good news for us.  He showed us Jon's 9 month (post op) MRI and compared it to Jon's 6 month (post op) MRI.  He said the tumor size is virtually the same as it was 3 months ago.  The tumor had not grown at all.  He said this was VERY good news.

Let me say it again and try to explain how cool this is:
*The MRI that was done right after Jon's surgery revealed a tiny sliver of tumor that our Neuro had left in surgery (attached to his facial nerve).
*Jon's 6 month post-op MRI revealed the tumor had grown and was growing at a fast rate.  (Typical rate of growth is 1mm per year.  Jon's tumor had grown 6mm in 5 months!)
*Today's 9 month MRI looked exactly the same as it did at 6 months.  Which is very odd, since it was supposedly growing at such an alarming rate.

The Doctor was baffled by this whole situation.  He said, "The only possible explanation for this, would be that the MRI that was done right after Jon's surgery was inaccurate.  It must not have captured the whole thing.  It must have been this size since Day 1, because tumor's don't just grow at alarming rates and then stop growing out of no where at 6 months."  I responded, "Yes, that could be.  OR the fact that we've been praying and have a ton of people praying."  He looked at us and said, "Well, there's that too.  Who knows.  We'll never know!"

*Since the tumor is not growing any more, and it is on the edge of Jon's brain and not pushing onto his brain or growing into his brain, the doctor said NO RADIATION is necessary at this point!

The reality is, there are 2 options:
1) If the tumor was this size all along, then Jon would have undergone Radiation on his brain unnecessarily!  God prompted us to ask for that "pause button." We got a 2nd and 3rd opinion and were patient to take the 3 months to double check the tumor's growth.  God's hand was so clearly guiding us and with us!
2) If the tumor was indeed smaller right after surgery and then grew extensively in the first 6 months... and then just stopped growing?  That is nothing short of a miracle!!!  God's hand was so clearly on Jon!

The way I see it, it doesn't matter what in the world happened.  We may never know.  And I couldn't care less.  God is good!  He is faithful!  He has been so present - guiding each step of this journey.  We feel SO grateful for the prayers of so many going up on our behalf.  THANK YOU!

So what is next???
Jon's next MRI is in 6 months.  If Jon's tumor doesn't grow and that MRI reveals everything has remained the same/stable for 6 months, he'll then switch to having MRI's only once a year!  Yes, it's once a year for the rest of his life, but we'll take it!  They will monitor the tumor every year to watch for any growth.  If it ever grows, then we'll begin the radiation/surgery conversation again.  Until then, I'm washing my hands of that topic!  :)

The Neuro said now we get to just focus our attention completely on Jon's recovery and his post-op illnesses/issues.  Possible eye surgery coming up... keep working on his balance... keep expanding his stamina... keep working on his management of details.... talk about possible specialized surgeries on different nerves to help bring movement to his face... etc... etc... etc...  Yes, there is still a lot to deal with.  But a growing tumor aint one of them!!!!  :)

Thank you for praying.  Thank you for supporting and encouraging.  Thank you for believing with us.  We are so humbled by your love.  We are so grateful for you.

Please continue to pray with us - specifically for the biggest issue at hand - Jon's eye pain.  We are currently looking at eye surgery options with our health insurance etc...  Please pray with us that God would open doors for that to be done.  It's not guaranteed that would eliminate his eye pain, but there is a big chance it could!  And please continue to pray for Jon's facial nerve to restore.  We believe God is able!

Thank you again.
And again.
And again.

Going to bed with a grateful heart,


  1. We will continue to pray for you and Jon and your whole family. Thank you for sharing your journey. God is so good all the time!

  2. Praise The Lord!!! Our prayers are answered once again!! God Bless you. Love Lillian

  3. I have been checking in since I read your first post today ... so glad I stayed up to check once more ... praising God with you, He is indeed miraculous and loving. I am blessed beyond measure to be part of this journey, in just being able to pray and believe with others in His Holy Name ... thank you for daring to share and be who God created you to be. ♥

  4. What an answer to prayer!! He is indeed a miracle working God!!

  5. Cannot add anything to the above, so will just say a big PTL!!!

  6. As I was reading this to my husband aloud, I kept saying, "this is so freaking sweet!" I never doubted Him for a second in this because, you have been such an incredible example of what an incredible, godly, mother and wife is through this journey. Jon has shown us an example of what a steady, deep, loving and patient walk with the Lord looks like. THAT my dear friend is what God is honoring and what a beautiful sight is has been. This has been an incredible journey and God, yet again, has prevailed. You left the doctor no choice but to acknowledge a miracle happen before his very eyes. What a gift! Loving on you sweet Ramsays from afar and continually praying for the challenges that lie ahead. Sleep well.