Saturday, June 28, 2014

Jon's MRI is at 8am!

Tomorrow morning, Sunday the 28th, at 8:00am, Jon will have an MRI.  Jon's last MRI was 3 months ago and those results revealed that his brain tumor had started to grow back at quite a fast rate.  Our neurosurgeon at Mission Hospital (as well as the team at Hoag Hospital) told us that Jon needed to have Radiation immediately.  In an attempt to be thorough, we asked them for a 3 month "wait" period.  Tomorrow, those 3 months are up.  If the MRI tomorrow reveals/confirms the tumor growth, we will move forward with Radiation.  If the miraculous happens and there is no growth, we will hold off on Radiation.  Having Radiation on the brain is not ideal, so we wanted to double check with this additional MRI, just to be sure.

Would you pray with us tomorrow at 8am?  Pray that Jon would have a nice, relaxing nap during the MRI?  ;)  That the MRI would be a time of rest for him?  :)  Would you pray with us that when they do the MRI, they see NO growth?  Would you pray with us that Jon would not need Radiation?
It will be a week before we see our neurosurgeon for the results.  We will keep you posted....

THANK YOU for joining us in prayer as this journey continues.  We are grateful for you....

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