Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Quick Update... Blog or Facebook Update? Who Knows!?!? (Who Cares!?!?) ;)

So I'm new to his whole blogging thing.  However I'm not new to Facebook.  So I'm still trying to navigate what to post, where.   Last week, I posted "I Haven't Been Living Out Loud" and talked about a complex (solid) cyst that was found in my ovary.  But I didn't post about it on Facebook. Then on Monday, I had a Dr appointment regarding said cyst, and then quickly posted the results on Facebook. But not on here.  So I have the FB universe asking "what cyst?!"!" and the blog universe asking "what happened at your Dr appointment for the cyst??"  LOL!  I'm kind of a hot mess, if you haven't picked up on that yet.  But I'm learning.  I have used FB as a means to do quick updates and then used the blog as a means to process the updates.  I won't do that anymore.  I will keep the blog up to date on even the quick updates. Somewhere between me never ever reading a blog and me writing a blog, I created all these expectations and standards about what a blog is and is not.  I'm going to go ahead and admit I have no idea what the "rules" are.  So if I write a blog that looks like a status update, or update my status with something that looks like a blog, forgive me.  I'm clueless. I just love journeying with you.   Anyway, all that to say, I don't have time right this second to sit and process, although I want to SO BADLY.  (Hopefully later tonight??)  But in the meantime, I wanted to copy and paste my FB update from Monday.  Because, well, it frankly is incredible.  :)  Enjoy.....

"So the Dr talked to us for awhile. Then he said he wanted to run a few tests and examine my "friend" (as he referred to the cyst) himself. Well, the exam was cut short because... the cyst was gone. GONE. As in, there was nothing there to exam. As in, the best possible case scenario that we prayed would happen, happened. Thank YOU for praying. God hears our prayers and responded with a big fat huge YES. Blog post to come, but parking lot status update was a necessity first."

See?  I told you.  Incredible.  
God. is. good.  


  1. That is absolutely amazing. Like we all know - there is no problem too big or too challenging for God. And He IS good. Love to you and Jon!

  2. Again, are u really surprised??? I'm just so thankful to Him for both you and Jon and the praying will not cease.......

  3. Amazingly INCREDIBLE! Absolutely a GOD thing! We should never doubt what OUR GOD can do!! Vicky & I continue to pray for you and Jon almost daily.